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Marketing Communications

Every communications strategy must start with a compelling story. As a writer, it's my job to develop that story and determine which media tell which parts of that story best. From there, I create a narrative framework that engages audiences in a direct and meaningful way. For most of the clips below, I was the principal writer (even where someone else's name appears on the byline). In a few cases, I split the load with a co-author. For more information on any sample below, feel free to call or e-mail me.

Recent Projects

VentureScape 2013 (Event Rebrand)
Scale Venture Partners (Web site )
The Lyons Companies (Web site)
National Venture Capital Association (New Brand and ID)
Xpert Financial (white paper, by request only)

Web sites

Scale Venture Partners (Web site )
The Lyons Companies (Web site)
The MedIC Coalition
Lake Superior Brewing Company

Op-Eds, Byline Articles and Research

"This Year's Vintage Will Be Best Enjoyed After 2010" in Venture Capital Journal
"Ways to Compete Against the Goliaths" in Legal Times

Corporate Reports

Exelon Corporate Sustainability Report 2007
FEMSA Annual Report 2005


Dow Jones Indexes Global Index Family
Quinnipiac University School of Law Viewbook
National Venture Capital Association Membership


NVCA Carried Interest (Jobless Recovery)
NVCA Membership (Smiling) (Mind) (Psyched)
Catholic Health Care System of NY One System That Will Never Crash

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